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Tsunami is one of the most well known bands on the island of Aruba. The unique blend of latin, caribbean and local influences combined with the focus on live instrumentation has propelled Tsunami to great levels of success.

It is not a secret that the popular brassband D2U365 gave birth to a very promising band: Tsunami. The concept of Tsunami took about two years to crystallize. A couple of key persons in the brassband were desperate to make a change in the music they were making. They started looking at different alternatives and influences that would blend into a unique style that Aruba has never seen or heard before. Their objective was to create a band that would look, sound, and basically do everything in a way it has never been done in Aruba before.

The look; most of the time you will see this band wearing white witch reflects the purity of the energy that they put in each performance. They also perform barefoot. This is just to reflect their humbleness and their connection with the world around them. The sound; they use extravagant percussion instruments coming from various corners of the world including Africa, Brazil, and Cuba.

Tsunami, It’s a name that represents purity (of water) and strength and energy (of the wave). Our music and performance is pure…we do it from the hearth…and the strength and energy we put into each performance is contagious…beware!!!